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Memory Bank

Protect your legacy

Protect Your Legacy

Secure, encrypted, personal, cloud data preservation is crucial in protecting your legacy for eternity.


MemoryBank is a revolutionary cloud technology that is making the world a better place through accurate personal legacy preservation. Succeeding generations will be provided with the accurate legacy you leave to them, not the fallacious remnants of Internet trash collected and served by the tech giants.

The MemoryBank beta launch is a small step towards the rest of your life, the rest of your children’s lives, the rest of your children’s children’s lives, and the infinite life of who you are. Initial curation and preservation of text, correspondences, photographs, events, social media, music, video, and so much more are building blocks for your legacy.


Automatic uploading of all your content into one centralized database


Import media seamlessly from social media accounts


Share simply with friends and loved ones

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